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Monday, 22 November 2021

The benefits of using the library electronic resources


                                                                     By Jillian Viljoen

How often do you browse the internet? Do you usually find what you are looking for? Google has made access to information so simple and convenient. All you need is data and you’re good to go.

When conducting research at the University, where do you source your information from? Do you know what tools to use to effectively search for information? The library offers trainings on accessing and the use of the electronic resources. This training is advertised on the University notices and subject librarians are available to provide you with the necessary skills to utilize the electronic resources effectively.

 What are electronic resources?

Electronic resources are materials in digital format which are accessed electronically or online. Some examples are e-books or e-journals.

 What are the benefits of using these electronic resources?

  • Multi-user access means that more than one person can access the resources at a time, unlike print material where the number of copies are limited.
  • The speed at which you gain access to information is almost instantaneous. You type in your search terms and you get an immediate result.
  • The functionality of the electronic resources allows you to browse and search for relevant information in various ways and on different platforms. You can search on the library catalogue or on the databases.
  • The content includes different formats, for example, e-books, videos, articles, etc. This allows you to explore various formats related to your search.
  •  You are able to access these resources 24/7 on any mobile device so you have access to them wherever you are.
  • They save space as, once you have completed using them, you simply exit and do not have to store them as you would a print format. You can print or download in many instances.
  • Access to electronic resources is convenient. You choose when and how to access them.
  •   You save time and money because you have access to the content without having to travel to a physical library building. You also find what you are looking for almost immediately. Your search result list is comprehensive.

 With all these benefits, does it not make sense to learn the necessary skills to access the electronic resources which are freely and readily available to you? You can also access these electronic resources freely, without using your data, by installing Global Protect Client.

 Contact a subject librarian today, to find out how you can access and use these resources.


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