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Monday, 22 November 2021

Library Trivia


                                                                     By Jillian Viljoen

Are you familiar with the board game Monopoly? The money is fake but isn’t is great being a real estate tycoon, even if it’s only a game.

 How about the game “Clue” with all those interesting characters just waiting to commit a fictional murder? The whodunit aspect of the game is interesting as it tests your sleuthing skills to reveal what happened. And who doesn’t like trying to solve an intriguing fictional murder mystery once in a while?

Trivial Pursuit is a challenging board game with various categories which test your general knowledge and teach you some interesting facts which you may not have been aware of. Playing a game and learning at the same time is a bonus.

 If you were to be tested on your library knowledge, how would you fare? Why not put your general knowledge to the test with a simple library trivia. Let’s get started …

    1.   What is the University of KwaZulu-Natal library web address?              Answer

     2.    Which App allows you to access the library resources without using your data?         Answer

    3. Who are the library staff who provide training on the use of electronic resources?         Answer

    4.Which resources assist with subject-related queries?      Answer

           5. Which LibGuide contains step-by-step guides to assist with research and information                                searches?         Answer

          6. Where are online copies of theses/dissertations accessible?              Answer

          7. Name the electronic resources where articles are located?              Answer 

        8When you are not on campus, how would you access the electronic resources?         Answer

         9. What are the library services during lockdown?  Answer

        10. Where would you find links to the free electronic resources?              Answer

What was your score out of 10 for the library trivia? How well do you know your library and its resources? These 10 questions and many others can be answered by contacting the library staff and making use of the resources at your disposal. Knowing what resources are available and how to use them is the foundation for research from undergraduate to postgraduate level.

 Hopefully this library trivia encouraged you to get to know your library if you have not done so. If you answered most or all of the questions correctly, you are well on your way to an enriching research experience with the library as your support and guide.

A random fact about a library …

Did you know that bats can be a library’s best friend?

“The Joanina Library at the University of Coimbra in Portugal has a number of bats in residency, but no one is calling for an exterminator as the bats prey on insects that could damage book pages. Staff drape tables with coverings overnight and clean up the guano in the morning.”

 How strange, a bit creepy, yet interesting. I am not sure if this idea will be adopted at the University of KwaZulu-Natal library. What do you think?

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