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Wednesday 6 March 2024

A conducive Library space can foster students to learn and improve their social interaction while simultaneously promoting academic success.

By Sicelo Hlongwane

Librarians have been outspoken in their advocacy for libraries to establish areas for social engagements while preserving a calm study atmosphere.

Dr. Adetayo of the University of Adeleke, along with other seasoned librarians, fervently support areas for socialising in the library, such as the café or lounge area, while making sure other spaces in the library are strictly for quiet studying. According to their research, libraries are vital hubs for social and academic activity and have a great deal of potential to help students form friendships. Apart from providing academic resources, libraries offer a space and a range of services and resources in addition to academic resources that can aid students in developing meaningful interactions with their peers (Deng et al., 2017).

 The authors' article highlights the vital function that academic libraries play in promoting social bonds and establishing a sense of community among students. Student social relationships are facilitated by the library's space and resources as they connect to the internet to communicate with their friends. Students and researchers receive enormous support from the library facilities that include spaces for interaction between students from different backgrounds, research commons, friendly staff and discussion rooms that influence and foster social integration. Additionally, students also receive research support skills to overcome obstacles they may encounter when writing their research papers and during the publication process.


Research indicates that students typically place a high priority on reading, leisure, helpful staff and welcoming library environments that promote a feeling of safety and community (Merga, 2021 and Adetayo et al., 2023). The UKZN Library Services offers an inclusive environment, that encourages social interaction and promotes emotional well-being.

The library offers an environment where students can develop their creative expression, social skills, and meaningful interactions with their peers. The library offers a vast array of resources as well, such as print materials, electronic books, periodicals, software, digital databases, and the Internet. We have tools at the music library that motivate students to collaborate on projects and participate in group discussions.

Research indicates that learners generally appreciate helpful personnel. To establish a dedicated area for social interaction and preserve a calm environment, libraries need to go beyond simply being storehouses for conventional books and databases, while maintaining a quiet atmosphere for students to learn.



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