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Monday, 23 August 2021

Your library tool kit


By Jillian Viljoen

Traversing the academic terrain can be daunting, mystifying, unnerving and sometimes overwhelming. Imagine boarding a plane to your chosen destination. You trust that the pilot has the necessary navigation instruments to get you there. But along the way, there are unanticipated occurrences; turbulence, a flock of birds flying directly in the flight path, a thunder storm, fog. These unexpected obstacles would result in the pilot having to alter the flight plan until it is safe to return to the original course. Your academic journey is sometimes like that but there are library resources available to assist you on our way so that you eventually end up at your chosen destination.


The resources are at your disposal via the library home page, https://library.ukzn.ac.za/. Don’t forget to  check for updates on the library services. Subject librarians, https://library.ukzn.ac.za/contact-subject-librarians/, are available to assist with queries via email, Zoom, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Make an appointment with one of them for assistance with information searches on the library catalogue and databases. Scheduled trainings on the use of the electronic resources are also posted on the University Notices so keep an eye out for those notices. Join a group training or have a one-on-one training. It’s your choice.


The friendly library staff will assist you when you visit the physical facilities. Don’t forget to wear your  mask and sanitise. No mask, no entry.


When accessing the electronic resources, ensure that you have Global Protect Client installed on your mobile device, https://y9i7u2z7.stackpathcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Global-Protect-Installation-For-VPN-Access.pdf. Cost-saving for you because you can access the resources absolutely free via this facility. Save your data. What a bargain! And 24/7 access to electronic resources.


There are LibGuides, https://libguides.ukzn.ac.za/, for specific disciplines which provide helpful tips to assist you with discipline related information. If you need quick access to step-by-step guides to access the online resources, visit the UKZN Online Library Training Guide, https://libguides.ukzn.ac.za/c.php?g=1043478.


In your downtime, check out our blogs, https://libwebteam.blogspot.com/2021/08/. There are interesting topics and you can engage by posting comments anonymously to give aor


These options AND SO MUCH MORE are available to you whenever you need them. Loads of resources. Loads of services. Loads of options. Loads of help. Grab your library tool kit and start your academic engine. You are in for an eventful ride... Let’s get started.

 Learning how to effectively use the library resources and services is a good place to start your academic journey. Your flight plan may have twists and turns but the library will help to keep you on course to eventually reach your final destination, wherever it may be.



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